Çıralı is surrounded with the beauty of Toros Mountains and Mediterranean. Olympus antique city which has been a subject to the legends and Chiemera are the historical and cultural beauties of Çıralı

It is located on the way of Historical Lykia Road. Every year many tourists walk Lykia Road. It has a nearly 4 km beach which hasn’t lost its naturality. Moreover, Çıralı is one of the most important breeding places of Caretta Caretta sea turtles who are in danger of extinction.

You can discover Olympus antique city which has natural and historical beauties here. Moreover, one evening you can drink your wine in front of the fire. It is said that it hasn’t been put out since the day when Bellerophontes’ killed Chimera creature which is told to be beaten with flying horse Pegasus.

You can have chance to get turtle offspring out of their eggs and help them to reach to the sea.

You can go to the coasts near Çıralı by boat tours and there you can enjoy sun and sea all the day.

Çıralı beach is approximately 4 kms length and between 50-100 metres wideness. The beach generally consists of fine grained sand and gravel.

Çıralı which is 70 kms far away from Antalya s located between Kemer and Kumluca. On the one edge there is Olympus Antique City, on the other one there is Yanartaş.

It’s a region which shelters numerous plant and bird kinds as well as Caretta Carettas which leave their eggs to the coast every year.

There aren’t big hotels in Çıralı. There are small pensions for families, small hotels in boutique style and restaurants on the coastal band.

Organic agricultural activities were started many years ago in Çıralı. Çıralı is one of the major villages about growing vegetable and fruit in Turkey. Numerous both domestic and foreign tourists visit the region in spring and winter months to because historical Lykia Road passes from here.

Ulupinar, Cirali Street No: 505 Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

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